Meta, Pulse NG Unveil ‘Creators of Tomorrow’ Campaign in Nigeria

Meta and Pulse Nigeria have announced the launch of ‘Creators of Tomorrow,’ a first-of-its-kind campaign that spotlights five emerging creators in Nigeria who are turning what they love into what they do and sparking a new wave of creativity/community on Instagram.

The spotlighted creators represent various creative industries, including lifestyle, comedy, dance and art. Their inspirational journeys will be amplified through the strategic collaboration with Pulse, providing a platform to showcase their creative journey and inspiring a fresh movement of creative content online.

At Meta, we are thrilled to spotlight these creators who are using Instagram to express themselves in new ways, build community and bring people closer to the things they love,” Oluwasola Obagbemi,  Corporate Communications Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa, said while commenting on the launch of the campaign. “Every day, we are inspired by the level of creativity and talent in Nigeria and across Africa who are innovating using Reels and short-form video content formats, as well as those leveraging and exploring new content formats. We are committed to helping them grow their audience and are excited to work closely with these creators as they unlock fresh content and new possibilities for the future.”

The spotlighted Creators of Tomorrow include:

Isaac Olayiwola (Layi Wasabi): An award-winning content creator, comedian and influencer taking social media by storm with his unique blend of wittiness, infectious energy and incredible genius. He has a penchant for developing funny, engaging and relatable content. He  has created a niche for himself with the special character of the Lawyer, dominant in most of his skits.

Tobe Ugeh (Tobeszn): A young fashion and lifestyle creator and influencer making a statement with his creative flair and infectious energy. With a mix of lifestyle and fashion, Tobe inspires his followers by showcasing the beauty and diversity of Nigerian life.

Ifeoluwa Afolabi (Iphe): A vibrant content creator with energy and passion for creativity. Specialising in skits, and relatable content, Iphe has a talent for blending humour, and authenticity with his content, which makes it relatable to his audience.

Rodney Odinakachi (Rodney): An award-winning multi-talented Nigerian entertainer. With a distinct style of storytelling, he creates relatable content through unconventional comedy, earning him the title “The Wisdom Man.”

Love Pever: A captivating dancer and choreographer, who has gathered a loyal following with her infectious dance styles. Love brings a unique blend of passion, precision and talent to the creative scene through her captivating performances and choreography videos.

Speaking on the collaboration with Meta, Fiona Weeks, Managing Director, Pulse Nigeria, stated, “Over the years, Pulse Nigeria has established a commitment to creative collaboration. Through our platforms and events, we’re always seeking out and supporting local creativity. This collaboration with Meta provides just such an opportunity. We’re excited to herald the creators of tomorrow and help shine the light on Nigeria’s emerging creative talent to our extensive digital audience across Nigeria.”

African creators continue to use Meta’s technologies and apps, Facebook and Instagram, to express themselves and tell the African story to Africans and people from across the world. These creators from Nigeria continue to shape the African narrative and creative contribution across the continent.

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