International Equinox Earth Day: Why earth belongs to everyone

Nigeria’s population is said to be equivalent to 2.55% of the total world population

Annually, there is a global international Equinox Earth Day Celebration to renew our collective commitment to honour the earth and promote peace for all to live and enjoy the earth that belongs to us all.

As we celebrate the Equinox Earth Day on Tuesday, March 19, 2024, we must hold on to our struggle for freedom and independence with the strong conviction that the earth belongs to everyone. This day reminds us that Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians and not the ruling class oligarchy who are working in connivance with foreigners to appropriate it as personal property.

The Nigerian ruling elites who are working with their foreign capitalist fundamentalists to appropriate our lands know the truth that the earth belongs to us all. Therefore, as we celebrate the global Equinox Earth Day, we must all rise in resistance to the Nigerian ruling elites and their foreign collaborators to monopolise the earth that belongs to us all.

This year’s Equinox Earth Day Celebration reminds us that until we stand up in unionism to reject the practice of few owning the earth that is a natural gift from God to all of us, we will continue to be enslaved by them. We must all know that the solution to peace and conflicts that have eluded Nigeria, and the world is our inability to collectively stop a few from having absolute control and ownership of the earth that belongs to us all.

And, until we collectively pursue this goal, inequality, poverty, and conflict will continue unabated with the ruling class oligarchy pretending not to know they are the real problem.

As we celebrate this global event, we must reflect on the teachings of Henry George that the earth belongs to everyone born on earth to live in comfort and peace. It must not be the property of oligarchs, capitalists, and fascists.

By Audu Liberty Oseni, Coordinator, MAWA Foundation

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